Pixel Plow how is it for single image frame ?

Started by Michelh, July 14, 2020, 08:58:44 pm

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Sorry if it is not the right place to post this question but how is pixel plow with terragen 4. Cost ? and time  for a single frame if ex: it takes me 2 hrs to render one frame? How friendly is it. Is their UI easy for a noobs ? sorry it is super general but am more then willing to elaborate.


Why go to a render farm if it takes only 2 hours? But it won't cost much, I presume. Isn't here some sort of calculator at pixelplow. Did you visit their site?


Thanks for the reply , I looked at the site was just looking for people that had used the service.


Please remember that what takes 2hrs/frame for you, might as well take 20 minutes for them. ;) Which makes it a good solution if you can't commit your own computer to do so much tough work.

Just remember that you need to be extra-careful when using external render farms. As stated on their page here.
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I work with PixelPlow quite a lot, not because I couldn't render with my own machine, but it would be quite busy despite 8 (16) cores. A normal continuation of work is hardly possible. The cooling is another chapter. In the long run it harms to work constantly above 90°C...
So I allow myself to use PixelPlow, even if it costs (sometimes more).
Create your project according to the information on the Pixelplow site, the easiest way is a "Gathered Project".
You can only speculate about the price, because the whole rendering process is not linear. For example, if you have a lot of raytracing reflections or similar, the rendering process can be extremely lengthy. Even large GI caches have a big influence on the render time and the price. To a certain extent, you can influence the price by choosing a "slow" or "fast" processing of your order. It is not always guaranteed that your order will be rendered on multiple machines to save time. Sometimes a "wrong" setting is enough and the job is not tiled, but rendered on only one machine. Then you may have to wait a long time... (I've already waited over 36 hours), but when you let it render you have time... ;) :)
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