Honoring tab sequence in panels

Started by uuderzo, July 15, 2020, 07:27:03 am

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I often set parameters by keyboard jumping back and forth with the tab key combinations.
I noticed that there is something weird in the tab sequence as the focus seems to jump randomly from a field to another.
Or, at least, the sequence doesn't follow what i suppose to be a logical order.
Would be possible to address this annoying behavior in some future release?


I questioned that years ago and no one seemed to think there was a problem.  I still do.  For example, enter an object and in the panel, click in the Translate x text entry box.  Enter a value and TAB -- goes the the Y box (good.) Another TAB goes to the Z box.  Good so far. Now another TAB.  Where did the cursor go? Hit another TAB. Now where is it?  Anyway, it takes six TABs from the z translate text box to get to the x Rotate text box.  

Anyway, it takes 21 TABs to sequence through the nine entries for translate, rotate, and scale! Those other controls, like the up/down or  copy/paste coordinates are usually done by mouse clicks.
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Both order, and targets is messed up.

You can tell when you tab from Translate X, than it tabs to Z, but than there are three tabs which I guess are going from X up down arrows to Z up down arrows, and than finally paste button, before BACKING up to animation key of that row, before jumping to the next line. You can't focus on the up/down arrows to use keys, so this is a bad target. I only assume it's these up down arrows being targets because if it's another field, with just a single input and up down arrows, there is only one miss-tab before the paste button.