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Started by umiedotre9, July 22, 2020, 12:03:26 pm

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For someone with terragen experience:

I am a newcomer to terragen. However, i have a working knowledge of node based workflows and basic procedural concepts. I am trying to create a mountain range, akin to everest. The Alpine sharer gets me most of the way there, but it tends to be too uniform. Also, there are no ridged between the mountains. Any tips and tricks that might get it to the next level?

Also, does anyone know the best way to make a dry snow shader?

Any help would be appreciated!

Also, are there any good sources for learning terragen? (including book, internet, any anything else). The terragen wiki documentation has some major holes.


Welcome to the forum and to Terragen. Alpine is indeed too uniform, but you can use masks (painted, simple shape, imported greyscale tif, etc) to mask  areas that you want to use, and/or combine with a different noise, like a warped mix 1 or 2 (like the default terrain) by the inverted mask. Or merge two noises/shaders with 'highest raise' checked.

I attached a snow shader that I often use as a base. Inside the nodes you need to re-link the distance shader to the camera (every time you import this clip).

There is quite some documentation, but not all is covered extensively (and some people complain about it), but IMO a lot comes down to some experimentation and analysis of posted files. I don't know if you found this page, but it has quite some tutorials listed.

Good luck, and hope to see some work from you soon.


I'm still having trouble - but maybe that's just me and my computer.

Did you buy the full version of Terragen? Also, in your text above it would be nice if you expounded a little on the "...high resolution region can be manipulated in Terragen to get a look that suits the season, time of day, and local vegetation" section of the of your instruction. Seems like that's the big key ;-)

Also, in playing with it for 10 minutes I was having trouble getting my terrain file from Terragen into Terranim (Terranim didn't seem to recognize any changes I made with Terragen and it wouldn't show me the DEM in the flight path editor) - do you have any hints for this?

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I used to use Terranim and CPE years ago, found a link to some tutorials that may help.
I have not been able to use these programs with newer versions of Terragen however.  ;D


Try to have several Alpine shaders chained together at increasing scales and displacements.
By no mans perfect but you can get some very nice Himalayan look ranges quickly and easily.
Also always mask Alpine shaders as they are very memory intensive.



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