Started by Theetexan, July 24, 2020, 09:40:59 pm

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Just bought pro and of course I'm new but I have two basic questions.  

Once I become good at the software how long does design of a fairly complex landscape take?  Then

At 6000x6000 say, using a 12 core, 32 gig 3900x Ryzen, about how long does it take to render?



Welcome to the forum. Your questions are quite impossible to answer, I'm afraid. Depends on how good you will become and how complex the terrain is going to be. I have quite some experience, but sometimes struggle to get something complex done. It also depends on what you want to add as imported objects, whether you need to put many objects at specific places and angles, or if it's 'just' some populations of trees.
Render time is also quite dependent upon ingredients of a terrain. Much (rough) water and displacements, many complex, heavy objects, clouds (especially easy or v3 clouds) take up the bulk of rendertime. And the required quality plays an important role.

I would just start and see what happens when you build your first landscapes.


Hello Theetexan and welcome indeed.

I can only say from my experience. But a "fairly complex" scene takes me about a month, maybe even two to complete. I do tend to enter "Italian strike" and lazy modes though... So let's make it a month.
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