Scotland, or heathtest actually

Started by Dune, July 25, 2020, 07:40:00 am

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I needed some new heather bushes, so from testing them this scene developed.


Amazing! I like all versions, but somehow the first one looks best to me.


Ver Scotish - Nice looking heather. I like them all.


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Very nice. I like them all, but the first one is my favorite as well.

A good day for hill walking!

j meyer

Cool scene and nice and moody lighting tests. :)


Thanks guys. I can take it further I guess, but other stuff is luring, so I consider this as my final. 2 hour PT render.


Amazing image Ulco. And two hours...? Man, I envy you so much. :-\

What about the path? Sine wave or warped feature?
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2 hours is mainly because I don't use a compute terrain, and there's hardly a cloud. I had some clouds in the other ones and they took much longer. Decided this was cleaner after all. And my machine isn't even the fastest.
Path is a warped simple shape, and smaller sss combination as tracks. Walls is an image map displacement, and fake stones on top. Path masked out again.

Jo Kariboo

Very nice rendering. I like it very much!


Beautiful landscape and fantastic lighting!
The only thing that looks a bit weird imho is the sheep models. First I thought they were large pebbles. Or giant dirty tic tacs ;). They are well posed, but the fur parts are not detailed enough (to my taste of course).


Yeah, the sheep... just dropped some in, but I should make better sheep.

j meyer

Another nice version.
The sheep might be just shaved or so. ;)