Sun Rays culled by displacement region of Sphere

Started by WAS, July 30, 2020, 06:01:32 PM

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I wanted to use the sun and a little 5m cloud layer above my sphere using the noise driving my displacement as a shadow map, however, unfortunately this doesn't work, as the god-rays are culled within the area that is displaced, and only exist outside it.

It kinda seems like a bug, but I don't know.

I do have two spheres, one which has no shadows, and isn't visible to rays, and visible, this allows luminosity to work correctly visible without light interaction from the sun. The next sphere, is invisible, with no shadows, but is visible to other rays, and acts as the luminosity glow, and additive glow from the sun.

To me, the object surface not interacting with rays shouldn't affect cloud volumes.

PS, yeah I made sure it wasn't just the alt limits/depth of the cloud, and even overcomensated by 10km just to be sure. Lol


If you post a tgd I can have a look. I assume you unchecked shadows from surfaces in the sun, as this would block out all light under the sphere(s).


i'll shoot you a tgd when I'm back at home, in the hospital at the moment.

The sun is default, but the visible ice has cast shadows disabled, and visible to rays disabled, so it appears only as the shader provides. The second one is invisible, but is visible to rays (cast shadows disabled still), this was just an idea to help with the lighting glow on the surface of the ice. The lighting is nice, but the effect on the inverted sphere with translucency is not, which is why I did this. I just used a cloud to make the shadows based on the displacement noise.