Pixel Plow: No GI List and no GI caching

Started by Kexikus, July 31, 2020, 08:01:28 am

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I've recetly been submitting quite a few render jobs to Pixel Plow and so far everything worked pretty well and as expected.

However, today I ran into a weird issue. For one of my scenes, the "GI List" field when submitting my job is just not available. I tried submitting a lower quality job of the same scene to see whether it would just create a GI cache anyway and as far as I can tell it didn't.
But since this is for skyboxes where I definetly want seamless lighting between different frames, I don't want to render my scene without a GI cache and am now wondering why it's failing in this particular scene.

Is this a known issue or some setting that I'm overlooking?

So far I've been unable to find a relevant difference in comparison to my other scenes that could cause this, so I'd be very glad for any help. Thank you!


Try renaming the file you are uploading and any assets associated with it.

I have noticed that when I upload a file to PP sometimes it loads very quickly because it "looks" identical to one previously uploaded.
It may be that you previously uploaded a different version of the skybox file and PP is trying to use the previous GI_Cache ... maybe.

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Unfortunately I cannot help you, but I can report a similar problem with PixelPlow: I do send my render jobs (no animations) always "gathered", i.e. with partly extensive GI caches. I also noticed that for some time now the GI cache has been recalculated ("GI Pass"), although it was already included. Strangely enough the logs say "GI Cache successfully read". I can't make any sense of it. I have also checked all settings that (according to PixelPlow) could cause problems with the GI cache and found nothing. Nevertheless I suspect that it is an unfortunate combination of settings that causes this problem. On my last render job (a little more than 1 week ago) everything seemed normal again.
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Thanks for the suggestions even though they didn't turn out to be the cause of my issue.

The problem was that I had two Enviro Lights in my scene both of which were set to Global Illumination. Deleting one of those fixed the issue. Only disabling one did not however.