increase the quality clouds rendering

Started by Frank_Art, August 07, 2020, 11:43:36 am

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Hi all, I'm doing some test on rendering clouds, and I'm trying to get the best quality on it, I increased the AA to 8 but in some ares (especially where the clouds are less dense) the render it's still very grainy.Any suggestion how to improve it? which parameters I need to boost? 


What kind of Render / Sample settings do you use ? 
What is the the render / Gl settings / Gl in clouds ? 
And what is your atmosphere quality set to ?


I do think a little more information is required to help diagnose and dial in the settings.

Making sure the Cloud Layer quality itself is at 1, and under GI Settings -> GI in clouds setting voxel scattering quality to about 400-500. Upping atmosphere samples may help as well, but I don't notice too much grain in your sky. Finally you could use a custom sampler (Under Edit Sampler in Anti-aliasing settings) and use a smaller pixel noise threshold.


Here is an example file to look at incorporating all I said. AA is at 7, and would get cleaner higher you got, at cost of render time naturally.