Best way to upload animations?

Started by james adamson, August 07, 2020, 11:58:02 am

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james adamson

Hi all. Whats the best way to get animation onto the forum? Size limits etc?


Best to just host on Youtube/Vimeo/Etc and post a link. Forum only allows 5mb in attachments, and frankly using all that shouldn't be common place.


First you need either Creative or Professional version of Terragen.  :) 

Since scripted animations are too difficult inside the newer versions of Terragen now, like using Terranim or Camera Path Editor....some export the heightields and go to animation in other programs. Those old programs were quite simple to use, even for me; and the graphing elements gave a smooth camera view imho.
I have Creative version and think it well worth the cost just to play or experiment.  Professional use may be another matter, but I do this for hobby only.

Many post results on YouTube or Vimeo, One Drive share or even DropBox dlld. :)

james adamson

Cheers guys.
I went down the Vimeo route.
Love those potholes WAS. Very nice. 
It would be nice if at some point I am able to offer up some solutions instead of building on others hard work.