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Started by bigben, November 25, 2007, 08:20:38 pm

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Hi all

I've been a little quiet here of late... several reasons for this, but one of them is that I'm busy moving my websites off my work's server and onto "my own". The good news is that I got lots of space and traffic allowances to  keep my terrain sets going, although there will be some optimisation along the way. Trying to decide on which software to use for the various components of the site, but I'm slowly getting there.

If anyone has a specific question for me you might get a faster response by emailing me (visible in my profile)

I'll post the URL when I have something to show.



Ben, what kind of software (web-related, I presume) are you looking for? I've got a fair bit of experience with those sorts of things and would be glad to discuss more with you if you'd like my take on things. Let me know (email would be fine). :)

- Oshyan


Had a play with a few CMS systems that were available as preconfigured install scripts but in the end it looks like I'm going to simplify things for now and stick with WordPress and Gallery2. I've already hacked a plugin for including PTViewer panoramas and there are readily available plugins for most of the "cute" stuff I want to do... but apart from that I'm a fairly plain-website sorta guy. ;)

I'll have a rethink on the CMS side later when I have more time.

Hacking at the templates now....


Depending on what you want to do most CMS's are probably overkill, although the allure of having pre-made modules to increase functionality when you need it can be nice. I'm looking at setting up a Wordpress and Gallery2 integration myself pretty soon for my photoblogging and galleries (as well as regular blogging hopefully). I'll be curious to see how it works out for you so let us know when you've got something to show off. :)

- Oshyan


I have 3 main subsites to deal with Big Ben's Victoria, Terragen and Panoramas. The last two are fairly similar in nature... technical tips, resources and showing off, but the first one is substantially different and is going to take a lot of work regardless of how I approach it. At the moment the only problem I'm having with WordPress is getting the type of menus I want (or rethinking the navigation entirely).  I was contemplating having everything in a single system, but I think that would be overly complicating things from a development/management point of view.

I'll be starting with my Terragen site anyway as it has the most up to date content (in a state of semi-development) so it will be the easiest to mould to a new system.


The world is round... so you have to use spherical projection.



Progress is slow as I have a lot of web redevelopment to do at work although at least I'm learning a lot from both. Resolved an issue with pretty permalinks and the WP Download Manager plugin (fixes are in the beta version), so I can safely activate pretty permalinks now. I'm incorporating the current design into the Sandbox theme (I don't like fixed width layouts) and it's nearly good enough to apply to the site.

Waiting for the beta version before starting some tutorials. I dare say it'll be out before I'm ready so you won't hear me complaining about release dates  ;)  Life still goes on.

Only URL worth looking at is which is a complete terrain set (up to 100m resolution). The larger padding terrains will be added after I redo the Grand Canyon set as they will share terrains from 200m resolution and up.


Great Site BigBen, clean and straightforward, excellant work. SeerBlue