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Started by james adamson, August 22, 2020, 01:07:32 pm

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james adamson

Hi all.

I am trying to connect images to the default shaders'  image inputs but can only connect to the function inputs.

I am trying image map shader-default shader. No joy. I want to be able to break the image into different passes before being utilised in the default shader.




The image inputs only take images, otherwise you would chain image map shaders with the function inputs.

james adamson

Right that makes sense, I am obviously missing a very basic function. How do I get an image into my scene other than through the 
image map shader?


Just the image map shader if you aren't using the default shader to load the images in it itself. There is the geog image map shader, but it expects geotiffs and dems I believe.

What exactly are you trying to do with an image?

james adamson

I am confused! If the image map shader is the only way to get an image into the scene. (which is how I have been working.)
And if you can only plug the image map shader into a function input on the default shader. How do I get an image connected to any of the image inputs on the default shader?
What I am trying to do is to edit my image to extract very rough bump and  spec passes that would then feed into the default shader.
I can not find any way to connect to any of the image inputs :o


The default shaders Images load a image itself. Like the Image Map Shader. You don't plug anything into it. Right click the input and it'll trigger a file prompt to load up a image. Or if inside the shader (see image).

Image -> Expects an image file
Function -> Expects Shaders like an Image Map Shader

james adamson

I don't think I am explaining this very well.
Up to now I have been using the default shader as you describe. Importing the image straight into the shaders image slot.
What I am not getting to work is how to add an image to the default shader using the exposed input in the schematic.


Quote from: WAS on August 22, 2020, 01:46:25 pmRight click the input and it'll trigger a file prompt to load up a image.
That's how you would add images from the node tree without opening the shader.  I recorded a small video.

Otherwise, I don't think I understand.


You can load an image with the image node and then plug that into any of the function inputs on the default shader.
Here I added a transform node between the image loader and the default node. Not required but it can be useful sometimes.


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james adamson

WAS, your amazing. Thanks. I never thought to right click, and I also assumed that connecting an image to the exposed input triangle would allow you to have an image in the node graph but of course thats Nukey flamey workflow. Glad thats cleared up.
And thank you too Cyphr. Also super helpful.