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Started by james adamson, August 23, 2020, 09:49:54 am

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james adamson

Is there a way to generate a grid within Terragen?
I want to make a few with varying sizes 1m, 10 ,100m etc to render out using an orthographic camera so I. can paint on it PS or nuke.


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object scale

Blender city   with particle system of building collection  You had talked about an instance of bldgs, Blender can do this with its particle system, using a collection of different bldgs, one object. I am going to see if it will populate, although I already know it will.

bldg pop.jpg

james adamson

Thanks a million . I searched grids in the forum nothing came up. Must have missed it.
Yeah Modo can do the same thing but I am trying to keep everything within Terragen. I have looked at the workflow for rendering my buildings in Modo for exactly that reason the ability to use multiple objects as population source  and it is a bit of a nightmare to say the least. My shot is 30 seconds! The twoing and froing would be nightmareish. I am seriously thinking of getting hold of Blender though it looks amazing. Whats the learning curve like with Blender?


Learning curve on Blender  quite simple now with all the tutorials available. I am nearly 70, female with high school geometry and physics so long ago. Last two years Blender has stepped up to the plate with user friendly application . I tried it 15 or so years ago and due to sluggish pc, got lost.  New renderers and features make it much easier now.

james adamson

Great to know. I have been using Modo and there just does not seem to be enough info out there or support from asset creation companies so I think I may take a look at Blender.
That is why I love this forum so much. People like yourselves sharing knowledge. I would be stuck in Terragen without it.
Bet that geometry and physics comes in handy though.


QuoteLearning curve on Blender  quite simple now with all the tutorials available.

Just want to second this. I've been using Blender for a few weeks now and have been surprised at how easy it is to learn. And powerful. The new interface is a huge improvement. I don't know Modo but you should not have any problems. And as Luvs says, there are many tutorials online and the Blender forum is very active.

james adamson