Started by Nathan.c, September 07, 2020, 04:23:57 pm

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This could be a stupid question, but how do you create a thumbnail for clip files ?


I don't think you can. Objects and image-based stuff have previews cause of the readers involved. Though saving a 3d preview of the shader would be really cool.



Update. I searched high and low last night & found squat, now just found out how near enough instantly.

Quote from: undefinedYou can add a preview to a clip file in the Library window. Select the clip file and then click the "Add preview" button in the Library Info panel and select "Choose preview image file". Adding a preview to the clip file saves the preview into the clip file itself, so if you send the the clip to someone else they will be able to see the preview too. If you want to remove a preview from a clip file you can choose "Remove preview image" from the "Add Preview" button