Sorry to bother you again ! What am I missing here ???

Started by pclavett, September 09, 2020, 11:04:52 am

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Hi All !
I have been toying with formation of random strata with PERLIN 3D Scaler nodes !
When I use a X to Scalar in the network, I obtain stata in the XY plane that can be warped as illustrated.
When I change with a Y to scalar, I obtain vertical strata but now the FRACTAL WARP does not seem to produce any warp. The INPUT WARP SHADER does not seem to warp either !
I do not seem to be able to obtain warping in the vertical plane for reasons that escape me....... not surprising for my expertise or lack thereof !
Is there a possibility of warping these horizontal bands ???
I include all the files !
Thanks and sorry for bothering anyone !


I simplified your file a bit for ease of work. Use a warp and vector displacement shader and it works. But you can also use a (red) fractal  stretched horizontally for lines to be warped. No need for a compute terrain either.