Enviro Light in Terragen 4.4.68 for Mac

Started by jhmart1, September 10, 2020, 12:16:07 pm

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Just a head's up that in the latest 4.4.68 release candidate for Mac, under the Lighting/Enviro Light settings, the 3rd item: "Strength in Atmosphere" I believe is missing the word "Atmosphere". 😎


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I have already communicated this to Matt in a personal message: Also, the letter "e" of "Name" is missing on the left side of each title (e.g. your screenshot: "Nam(e)  Enviro Light").
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Maybe Matt is working on the Speak and Spell version of Terragen. ;D Start the kids early. 

I kid, I kid.


We'll probably have a fix for this in the next few days.
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