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Started by WAS, October 05, 2020, 02:20:39 AM

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Curious if I could obtain motion blur on an object in a still frame? I tried real quick to spin a displaced sphere real fast to get a motion blur effect of it spinning but it didn't work. Would I need extreme velocities? Or just not possible without the camera moving and doing the motion blur? It's late, maybe I'm thinking too deep into this idea.


I'm afraid this is not possible. Last NWDA I tried to achieve the same thing for my crafts and found a post where this has been discussed in depth. The discussion concluded with a resounding "No, it's currently impossible". I haven't saved the post though...
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It doesn't work at all. I tried faking it by moving the camera and moving a background along, but not the object, but never got really deep into it.
Maybe if you do something like that and set an animation, but render a still, with motion blur on, it might work.


Drat. I got one idea I'll try but not hopeful.


So I think the issue is there is no real control over speed with spinning. You just spin to points in 360 degrees, with no velocity. So each frame is just a simple step of rotation to the end point. I mean there is velocity but it's simply defined by your start/end and how many frames between.

If we could give the renderer a frame, which is capturing super excessive motion, I think it would work, but I don't know how to do that. The camera would have to be capturing the sphere in nearly 360 degrees from one point because it's spinning so fast.


Spinning is hard to blur without object blur, but say you have a vehicle in sky, you can move the camera, and the background so they stay in sync, keep the vehicle still. Then make a animation 1-3 or so and render 2 with motion blur on.


I think we just need velocity to movement, and we could have the camera do it. Like i mentioned, it's all done at a frame-by-frame basis, so it's speed is derived from frames.

If there was velocity, than things could be moving faster than the frames and it may work. Even in blender the motion blur, or normal blur is just on the camera level, and to not blur other objects you move their object ID/Level below the camera's so it's not effected by the camera. (Kinda like Z-Index's in web and such)

Object blur would be cool though, I can see lots of uses. Like the planes I wanted to use at all sorts of distances without doing post on them all lol


+ 1 for object motion blur definitely

and Alembic import for animations.