opacity issue

Started by Dune, October 10, 2020, 04:54:30 AM

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The strangest thing is happening. I make my people 'modular', to be able to select the clothes needed. I therefore use a default shader with opacity set to zero to make certain parts invisible. In my beach render though, the clothes kept on rendering black. Mmmmm. So I saved the object as a tgc, opened in a blank TG 4.5.43 version and it rendered (and previewed) fine (3). I saved her as tgc again, imported in my beach scene (of course disabled original object), and then the 'opacity=zero parts' were black again >:( :o
I also tried the beach scene in previous versions 4.5.42 and 4.5.38 with the same results. The (black here, but invisible) screen (card for reflected light) is not the culprit, as it shouldn't.
The white version (2) is where I set the default shader color to white, in the right one it's black. Both opacity tabs are on zero/black.

I included the object as .tgc, just to be able to see its text contents.

What is going on?


I figured it out. Somehow RayTraced objects was disabled in the beach scene.