Some new metals

Started by Hannes, October 11, 2020, 12:42:39 PM

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Here are some new completely procedural (path tracer-!!) metal materials made entirely from scratch.

By the way, the ground shader is a mix of two merged PBR materials, one from, and the other one from Quixel.


I used a transform input shader with "use world space" checked before each PF to override any existing UV mapping of objects. Otherwise it may look a bit weird.


This is great. Thanks Hannes!


They look very good. Very handy. Thanks very much, Hannes!


These will be very useful. Thank you, Hannes!


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Awesome stuff, though maybe the gold needs higher spread. Gold is pretty bright under sunlight. I haven't seen a gold bar under sunlight by gold panning, those fleks and nuggets light up like yellow under the sunlight cause the reflective spread seem high.