Imported Obj's Tree's from Blender have no leaves.

Started by alexrabbitt, November 10, 2020, 10:31:47 AM

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I'm really new to Terragen, and have encountered a problem.  I've made some low poly trees in Blender, using a single shape for a trunk with extruding branches and images as planes on a particle system to emulate my leaves.  I have converted the particle sim to a mesh, however when exporting as Obj and importing into Terragen, I just get a Trunk and no leaves with their texture.

Is anyone aware of how to fix this issue?

Thanks for your time


Are the leaves made up of quads and/or triangles? Terragen will not render n-gons (polys with 4+ sides).

I'm a little suspicious of that preview, too. A solid black object can indicate flipped normals or other anomalies. If you want to post your obj file I'd be happy to have a look. (Or contact me via DM if you don't want to post it publicly.)

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Objects my friend made me needed their normals flipped in blender for me, so that may be the black issue. I don't know much about the leaves, though I have had similar with TreeIt software where it just suddenly doesn't export leaf cards if you go too extreme. Just nothing exports. Maybe something similar is happening, too many cards for the leaves and getting dumped? Could just be ngons too


You can easily try fipping the normals in TG and see what happens. If they turn up, better get back to Blender and flip them permanently.
The leaves probably need an opacity map, so make sure the appropriate tabs in the default shader are filled in right. If it's on an alpha layer, check 'alpha', e.g.