some clarification about my purchase

Started by Nala1977, November 20, 2020, 05:59:38 AM

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hey guys i just noticed something on my account, would anybody please explain this to me?

I've activated Terragen on laptop and my desktop 4 times total since i first bought the normal one then the professional.
I did not know there was a limit into activations so, what happens when the activations reaches 10/10? am I gonna lose my license or ability to activate it? in case i format.



If you're doing the same computer, I think it may be acceptable to export your installation, and registry, and not have it count as an "activation" just because you reformatted your PC. That's what I do at least. Maybe that's wrong? Seems it'd be OK considering how many services that do backups of installed programs etc, and never heard anything about this being a violation of terms with other programs on the same PC. Sometimes installations use hardware IDs to determine an activation too so they know it's the same PC.


"Activation" happens whenever you use the key file generator page on our site. If you exceed the limit, contact us at support and we can increase the limit for you. However, we prefer that you create a backup of your key file (tg4key.lic) and re-use that on your new installation. Then use Check for Updates within the app if your maintenance expiry or subscription expiry date changed since the key file was generated. Updating the key file in this way doesn't change the activation count.
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