Mac color bugs

Started by sanosoke, January 02, 2007, 05:02:05 AM

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Hi, I've noticed a few bugs while using TG2 on my macbook.
Often my render has a different lighting/color to the in screen preview. . .
Just recently, (which I sadly didn't take a screenshot of) I was working on a scene with a dark blue sky, and bluish sun.
I did one preview render, and it was fine. Then I changed the water settings, upping the minimum reflection spread value, and the whole lighting turned a bright green in my render, but only once.
Not particularily bothersome, but I'm confused at why this would happen.


I had the same problem but I'm on PC with Windows XP Home.


Hi Sacha,

I don't know why you're having the problem you are, but I'm pretty confident there aren't many Mac specific bugs in the renderer. Most of those bugs seem to be cross platform ones ;-).




That sounds like one of the odd (and interesting) GI bugs that have been popping up occasionally. If it does occur again try turning off global illumination entirely (set the GI detail controls in your renderer to 0, 0).

- Oshyan


I've had the same problem too. Sometimes when starting a test render, it renders in Magenta or Green? strrt the render again and it's fine?
I just need to tweak that texture a bit more...