Painting a sun?

Started by WAS, January 06, 2021, 04:42:14 PM

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I notice in TG it's hard to get a sun to "look" a colour, while still providing bright light. In film and art I notice a lot we always used suns that are obscured by ozone and such in the atmosphere, and provide a glimpse of the stars colour, while still providing fairly bright-white light.

In TG I struggle with this. I have to add a hint of colour, and that colour translates to light emission more than it does colour the object, because of how bright it is. So I'm wondering how one could do this without altering the scene too much?

Currently if you add even, lets say a subtle blue, or red, you'll get completely painted terrain in that colour, but the light in the atmosphere, and sun, is white. It actually doesn't make much sense to me.

I tried using two suns with disabled effects, but actually getting the same issue that was plaguing my model issues, where I can't have two models at same location anymore because of weird intersection boxes.


two cheats

disc not visible, but angular diameter size increased to say 5 minimum

use a planet perhaps luminous

I know you want that great big red super


Good ideas, thank you. Ill try them out.