The Waiting-Fleet-Files

Started by DocCharly65, March 15, 2021, 07:20:52 am

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March 15, 2021, 07:20:52 am Last Edit: March 15, 2021, 08:22:32 am by DocCharly65
Today: The Wile e Coyote on the Serenity :)

In fact most of the animationrendering is finished.
Not really easy to cut such a short comic-like film - and while using the MS Moviemaker as usual for test animations, I missed a 3rd track for adding a booster sound (and some others).

But I hope you'll have some fun anyway.
Here the (not officially YT listed) animation exclusively for my TG Forum friends :)



Thanks Ulco :)

Meanwhile a little correction: During my lunch time I posted the video officially on YT. There you can also find the credits for the 3D models in the description.


;D ;D Thanks, Doc! Great to start the week with a smile. Don't know how you manage to turn these around so quickly.


Wow that was great! The animation was very smooth and color and lighting looked great. Reminded me a bit of space jam. Cartoon - and real life, though it was all 3D. lol


Thank you all, my friends :)

Steve, it was not so quickly as you may think. I had the advantage of a quite render-ready scene: The space dock in many angles and from different views. Additionally during working on the Airwolf animation I already had prepared some Coyote fbx files on MIXAMO. But the space dock has the longest history of rerenderings of I'd say 5-6 years. In this time I increased render quality, changed 3D models and so on...

But -- No matter how long it takes to complete the project, I appreciate everyone who shares my insane sense of humor ;)