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Started by Kevin Kipper, March 30, 2021, 09:21:32 pm

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Kevin Kipper

Hi Everyone!

Ever since I was introduced to Terragen in 2011 I've been enchanted with its production capabilities and possibilities.  It's been a joy working with Matt to create this video tutorial series "Terragen for VFX" and we're happy to announce that the first videos have been posted under the new Learn > Video Tutorials section on the Planetside website.

In this series we'll take a step by step approach to show how Terragen can be used in a visual effects production pipeline in order to create a final shot that might appear in a Hollywood blockbuster movie or in a high production value television series.

The first videos in this series explore the challenges in taking a pre-visualised scene, created in the 3D software package of your choice, and bringing it into Terragen, where the low resolution geometry acting as placeholders can be modified with many of Terragen's tools and feature sets.  In the end, we'll have created a naturalistic looking terrain that preserves the important features of the pre-visualised data and is ready to serve as the foundation for the rest of the environment, including the atmosphere, sky, clouds, forest populations and texturing.  We'll start to explore these topics in the next installment of the series.

Coming soon:
Terragen for VFX: Clouds
Terragen for VFX: Populations
Terragen for VFX: Texturing
Terragen for VFX: Rendering

We hope you enjoy these videos and learn something new!



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Hi Kevin,

I already had heard about this series in Facebook and have watched it. Very nicely done videos. Keep it up.


Interesting, and I will certainly take a look!


Ariel DK

Hi & thanks Kevin! Following the series! Very amazing results, i can't wait for more  :)
Hmmm, what version of Terragen does God use?


Hi Kevin, thanks for the series, it is really interesting to follow this step by step, and yes I did learn something new!