Terragen Video Tutorials

    Section 1 – General Introduction

    Your introduction into using Terragen within a VFX pipeline.

    Section 2 – Clouds

    In this section we get all atmospheric with clouds.

    Section 3 – Forests & Populations

    In this section we delve into all things forestry and population related.

    Section 4 – Texturing

    In this section we texture the mountains and cliffs.

    Section 5 – Rendering Considerations.

    6 Videos – This section covers the balance of rendering quality/speed/layers & mattes.

    The complete VFX tutorial series in one video !

    This has all the chapters in one video; taking you seamlessly though the entire course.

    This is the motherload of tutorials.

    Terragen 4 – The Basics – Over 50 Great Introductory Tutorials.

    A great set of general and essential video tutorials.
    Novices and experts alike can learn something from this large and constantly growing resource.

    Terragen 4 – Presets

    3 Videos – A few videos describing the use of Terragen ‘Presets’.

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