The Yellow House

Started by Dune, May 01, 2021, 01:53:35 am

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I have once made a painting, which is still one of my favorites; The Yellow House. This will be my attempt at mimicking it in TG, though maybe not exactly. Lots of things to do as yet. The house, for one...
The stairs are an object, the outcrop the woman stands on is a big cube fitted to a simple shape masked rock displacement, all getting the same texture. The front ponds are simple shape based.
Lighting will be the most difficult, as the paintings has this ethereal mood.
I had to bulge the rockwall in where the stairs are, but that wasn't so easy. The painted shader has too hard edges, no matter how soft I set it. So I used a soft simple shape, but the problem is that it can't easily be rotated. So I added that as a request to the Project Tracker.

Jo Kariboo

Maybe not like your painting that you use as a starting point, but the vibe is great and romantic. The staircase seems to me to be successful so far, I wonder how you are going to finalize it for the top. I like the rock face too. Once again you prove your mastery of the software.


Nice mood on this one Ulco ! Love it !


I'm really so curious for the final! I see again how romantic and beautifull a foggy ambiance can be!


Okay, here's the original (oil on panel), and another TG attempt. Mind you, I'm not striving to exactly copy the painting.
I had some trouble with the normals of the house and GISD along poly edges, but I think I got that solved now. PT is obviously much nicer again, but takes so long, mmm.


Very nice. Looks like a clash between abstract modernity and ancient roma designs, both in the house itself, and clashing with the seemingly original ruins around it.

Jo Kariboo

I had imagined a different type of old architecture from the first image, but finally I find the contrast interesting with this rather modern house.


Dune this is off to a fantastic start! I love the original oil painting as well but I find your TG work staggering as always. Nice work!


Just love the analog version!!!
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Those stairs in the cliffside are pretty boss.


Looks very nice. I like both versions.