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Started by Kevin F, January 02, 2007, 08:58:17 am

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Kevin F

Question for Planetside team: Have any crashes been linked to types of memory i.e. ECC or non ECC memory? I'm upgrading from 512Mb of ECC memory to 2Gigs+ of either ECC or non ECC and would welcome any advice. I realise I can't mix ECC with non ECC and that ECC is approx 2% slower, but non ECC is cheaper! But what is best for TG2?


We've already responded to this through our support email address, but I'll copy that here for others to see:

We are not aware of any correlation between crashes and memory types, ECC/non-ECC, or memory speed. Most of the crashes seem to be related either to display functions (graphics-related issues), reading of node settings in our internal routines, reading of OBJ material files that do not conform to the specification expected, or certain known reflection rendering issues.

All of these are being actively worked on and only the display function issues seem system-specific. In those cases an update of the graphics driver or reducing hardware acceleration often seems to help.

In any case you should not see any affect on crash frequency due to memory type.

- Oshyan