Terrain import bug

Started by Costaud, January 02, 2007, 01:05:56 PM

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Here is the problem, I have an old terrain made with Terragen 0.9 modified it in Terragen 2 with Power fractal shader v3, I save my .tgd, the same day I reopened the .tgd but the terrain refuse to load, I tried 3 times and at the third attempt the terrain finally load, after this I close Terragen 2 again and I retry the same procedure many time with the same result it took 3 or 4 times to load the terrain each time. Hope you understand my english.



i've had to, each time i open tg2, delete the heightfield load node and re-add the same node directed to my old .ter.

bit of a p.i.t.a., but beta testing is all about finding such bugs.  go matt! ;D


I've also had that happen, so I just reload the scene again. I'm sure it will be fixed in due course.
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Not sure, but it may be helpful if you guys can provide scene files that can reproduce this. Ideally with small terrains so it doesn't make a large download. You can email it directly to support if the size is too big to post here.


- Oshyan


found a quicker solution, which may lead to a quicker solution ;D.

upon opening the scene file (where-in you'll notice that the bounding box for your heightfield isn't showing), open the heightfield load node, and in this order, check the new heightfield checkbox then check the read from file checkbox.  presto!  loaded .ter.

(oops.  did not include the .ter below.  it's a rather plain vanilla variety though.  can the forum software be tweaked to allow such file attachments?)

(small annoyance issue: why is tg2 not remembering my primary content directory every time i open the app? or is this user error somehow?)

continued success!


Thanks for the additional troubleshooting info. .ter has been added to the list of supported file types, however it's recommended that you zip or otherwise compress your .ter before uploading as they can be significantly reduced in size this way.

- Oshyan