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Started by WAS, July 21, 2021, 05:30:39 pm

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Was there ever a time that members were ever purged for inactivity. I'm trying to find my original account, but I can't seem to find it. I figured it would be under Element but I just see users with number suffix, which are unfamiliar. I also tried a couple other of my users like Metz and AmerikanMetz and Yumeji-Element. I know I had one that I lost with the old email on hotmail or yahoo. I got it in like 2008 or something when my teacher was bringing up the tech preview stuff in class.

I think I have some old stuff linked in URLs I want to see are still up, and see if I shared any of my ancient art. But no clue how to find those posts or even my old account user. >.<


I don't recall us doing a purge of inactive accounts (except for the usual deletion of spam accounts).
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I am beginning to think I was clever and came up with some new nickname (at the time), and just never used again. Man. 

Really should be more consistent about sharing stuff online to back up.