V2 Global Clouds Terminator Shadow Line

Started by WAS, July 19, 2021, 02:55:54 pm

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So I've been trying to figure this out and I can't get it to go away. If clouds have any haziness around the terminator, there is this hard shadow line that appears, but then just ends and returns to faintly glowing clouds. What could this be? Here is an example from my latest terrafromed mars, and even here I had to reduce the density of the clouds so far I lost the thickness I wanted just to reduce the shadow which caught my eye too much.

I assume it's shadow created by clouds, but if that's the case, why is it so localized and doesn't affect the rest of the clouds curving away from source?


Well, if the shadow is not there when clouds are absent, I assume it's the clouds' shadow :P But I wouldn't know what it is.


Yeah I figured it was likely the cloud layers shadow, just unsure why it shadows, and then transitions back to lit despite planet curvature, self shadowing, terrain shadowing, etc. I dunno. Maybe its a ambient lighting thing?


I have been trying to get rid of that line for quite some time back then. Switched on and of about any setting concerning atmo lighting, cloud lighting, enviro light...
The only thing that did make a difference (without giving a good result) was the cloud layers setting "enable primary" and "enable secondary", those seem to be somehow related to that mysterious terminator line (or the brighter rim beyond it that makes it look so unrealistic.) maybe that helps you find the solution.
Great looking mars otherwise!
May I ask what topographic data you use? And is your greenery all procedural or also using maps?

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I am using texture maps which @Stormlord  has prepared. I believe he said the source they are from is no longer on the internet, unfortunately.

In think you did give me an idea. Mask the terminator area of the planet, and use a secondary cloud layer, with no shadows (enable secondary). And blending between one with shadows and one without. It may work out OK since that area will receive terrain shadows. I'll have to test.