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Started by Dune, September 18, 2021, 02:34:31 AM

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So what did I do wrong? I hardly ever use the save all to disk method (and probably forgot something), but I wanted to have a depth pass, so added a render layer and checked surface depth, then saved as shown in the screenshot, and hit render all to disk. Nothing saved :(


Huh, well that is strange. I just checked and it saved my depth pass. I am assuming something to do with the path, or the location it's trying to save.

It isn't by chance Read-Only? The folder location?


No, nothing like that. I'll do some experiments with small files.


So are depth passes the same as the ones in blender, for creating mist/ gradations etc. and are they then composited in a different program? if so which one photoshop? Didn't realise this was something you could do in Terragen, would like to have a play around with it



You can use depth in photoshop as a lens blur mask, for creating accurate-ish DOF. This is how it's often used in other applications too.


It's faster to let TG make a depth pass, than having it render DOF, but less accurate. And it needs extra work in PS; copy the depth pass into the alpha channel of the beauty pass and use lens blur to set your depth and distance for the blur.