Started by cramgfx, October 09, 2021, 01:15:12 PM

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"Autumn is a second Spring where every leaf looks like a flower."
Vegetation made with Speedtree. Megascans for objects and textures then Terragen for render.
Fawn and deer from the web.

Thanks in advance for your feedback !


Looks great! I honestly don't have really anything to offer as far as criticism. Maybe the stump [in the second image] could be lighter in colour on top like it's dry? Lol That's really it. This is a great piece.



I haven't seen work of this level here for quite a while. Top! Lighting is great, diversity, color balance. One minor crit would be the left birch tree, which is a bit too regular in its branch placement, IMO.


And there's something else, that came into my mind. If the deers would have some kind of short fur, that would give the silhouette some silver lining, it would be perfect.
Maybe a population of translucent tiny hair (or clump) objects on the masked surface of the animal?


Fantastic as always!  Gorgeous renders, both of them.  You always have such an amazing sense of atmosphere in your pieces, especially with the light and mist.  Any tips on your techniques in this and your other autumn scenes?  Do you use v2 clouds for your mist?



Wow - this is remarkable!


A lovely scene and a beautiful render. Excellent!


I love it! The attention to details always makes your renders a joy to watch.

- Terje

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Jo Kariboo

Very nice render. I really like the light !



WOW! Incredible lighting and the details.
The more I use Terragen, the more I realize the world is not so small.