Possible to increase cloud resolution

Started by AndreasVFX, October 13, 2021, 08:00:46 PM

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Is it possible to increase the resolution of clouds? I know you can increase the resolution of the lighting, but what about the voxels themselves?
Especially when we use spherical camera the clouds can look a bit voxelated or just blurry in the top of the image so would be nice to increase the resolution here.



Yeah, the voxel buffer resolution under optimization. You set it through millions of voxels.


For me the results looks exactly the same though. Still a bit blobby. I though it was maybe only the light resolution. I will try it out some more


Unfortunately the deeper your easy cloud formations are (cloud depth) the larger the smallest details become.
I do not know of a solution to this.

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It sounds like you're describing the density itself. If you have a large lead-in scale, and large primary scale, most the shapes will be large. Try a smaller scale. If you're close to the volume, you'll need to bring down the Smallest Scale. Such as for mist/fog close to the camera.

Voxel resolution is used for exporting the OpenVDB format.


If you're using an Easy Cloud layer, try reducing the "smallest scale" on the Quality tab by a factor of ten and see if that makes a difference.

Although the Easy Cloud has limited control over the built-in fractals, you can add more detail and really push the values around using a Mask input. A Cloud Fractal Shader with high roughness (like 5 or higher) can add some wispy details and break it up in interesting ways. To create a subtle breakup I would give this mask shader a "Coverage adjust" setting of 1 (so its values average around 1, although lower values can work too), and play with its contrast setting to change the strength of the breakup. For a subtle wisp or detailing effect, the feature scale and lead-in scale should be much smaller than the depth (thickness) of the cloud you are affecting.

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