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Started by aknight0, October 14, 2021, 12:20:19 AM

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Moving this discussion over here to avoid hijacking Hannes's thread any further.  Has anyone had any luck importing terrain from Gaea 1.3 into Terragen?  I used to export normalized terrain from Gaea, and import as a heightfield into Terragen, with a resize and height adjust.  This method doesn't seem to work any more, it seems like high values are exaggerated, and low values are barely visible.  I've tried several different combinations of options, with no success so far, which is too bad, because some of the new nodes in 1.3 make some nice terrains.  



The closest I've been able to get so far is by exporting as normalized, loading through an image map shader, and setting the displacement to convert to linear with a gamma of around 0.5, and then messing with the displacement amplitude until it looks okay.  It's closer, but still not quite the same as what I'm seeing in Gaea.


Just tried it, and everything seems to be working. See the attached image. On the left it's Gaea 1.3, and on the right it's TG (only a screenshot of the RTP). I used the proportional range.
I used Digitalgurus method (and attached also a simple TGD file as a template for loading Gaea terrains).


I just tried the latest build (

The outputs are not working compared to the previous version ( )

Exr output is just garbage data and not the right resolution (2048 output results in 1182x1182 image)

I use the Range option set to Remapped and Max value to Height value in Terrain Definition (default 2600)
Tif output produces a usable 32bit float image but with the same range settings the max height is much larger (approx x1000) but scaling down doesn't result in a terrain with the correct proportions.

Gaea has a lot of potential, but is shockingly inconsistent, particularly when it comes to output.  This is the Bleeding Edge edition, but you'd think some they'd do some kind of QC before they release it.

p.s apart from the output issues, there's a lot of good stuff in this version - the rugged node is great
p.p.s - I initially couldn't get this working before I discovered it was conflicting with my custom Windows skin (WindowBlinds)  - adding an exclusion for Gaea in that prog made it run.


Yes, Hannes, your file is actually the method I was using previously.  The problem isn't as obvious in the example you posted, but it's much more noticeable for taller terrains and mountains.  Might need to wait for some additional updates.  Definitely some cool stuff in this update though, I like the valley node.  I'm hoping that tiled output will eventually allow for importing very high resolution terrains into Terragen, which would be cool.



Actually I noticed some problems with V.1.3 as well. As you said higher terrains seem to look weird after importing, and for some reasons the satmaps I created came out black and white. Unfortunately I can't use the Gaea forum although I have an account. They wanted to send me a confirmation e-mail, but there seem to be problems. They wrote, this problem will be solved this week. Let's see...


The new build's EXR output is waaay hosed

They really need to fix that shit, because Gaea is crazy useful


Gaea Bleeding Edge exr output works now (32 tif too)