Planetside Forums Registration Process Unsecure

Started by WAS, October 19, 2021, 04:19:20 PM

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Apologies for not commenting on this sooner.

We have a number of anti-spam measures enabled, and used to have ReCAPTCHA as well. Last year it started producing many false positives that preventing lots of people from signing up. The SMF forum software needed to be updated to fix this issue, but the fix wasn't available for some time. While waiting for SMF to release a fix, we temporarily disabled it, and decided to manage the spam manually until we were able to install a fix.

It looks as though the problem has been corrected in SMF 2.1 RC3, and RC4 is now available. We'll try to update to one of these versions soon, and if all goes well we should be able to reenable ReCAPTCHA.

When this issue first came up, I was looking for fixes quite frequently, but I haven't kept an eye on it recently, so this has gone on longer than it should have. One of the reasons this became lower priority is that for quite some time now we have been considering moving to different forum software, and were weighing up the time needed to migrate to new software vs. continue updating SMF and continuing with its various quirks and difficulties. However, given that a lot of time has passed since this ReCAPTCHA issue first came up and we haven't migrated to another solution yet, I think it's best that we update SMF again and try to get this fixed.

Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused, and thank you for reporting spam to us whenever you saw it.

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Great, looking forward to a clean forum! Thanks, Matt.


HumHub would be awesome. :P Really though its really cool sleek modern software. Everyone would have their own pages to upload art too. Staff could make spaces like an art share space, updates space, find tg work/post pitches space, etc.