Low cost plants and other models for Terragen and other software

Started by luc BIANCO, September 22, 2021, 03:22:06 AM

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You can find new products in my shop, these are plants that can be used with Terragen of course, but also with any other software able to import .obj models.

The idea here is not at all the same as that of XFrog or other leaders in this kind of product, I mean that I don't have the ambition at all to create realistic plants in the strict sense of the word in their shape and structure but rather to propose low cost models (5 euros only) with very realistic textures so that once put in a population they give a realistic feeling.
I created the 2K textures myself by taking photos of real plants and then carefully clipping them.

Depending on the number of sales I will propose new models.

In the meantime, here are the direct links to these resources:

Automn leaves

Cucurbits plants

Ground cover plants
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Hello all

Some new items (no plants this time) and discounts for a limited time.

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