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Started by Balletdude, October 21, 2021, 06:10:01 AM

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Everyone probably already knows this, and has used it but if not.
I've been trying to get multiple object populations within one area, but since there isn't a node for this, and you would probably end up masking them I've created this little clip file. I've added 3 populations in but just delete these and add your own.
Ass you can see from the attached image I've 3 different plant populations, all in the same area, with no intersecting

Hope it's some use to someone.
would love thoughts on it




I hardly use any distinctions between object/pops, because you often don't notice any overlapping. But if it's necessary, it's handy to have such a method. There are more ways; I've use pre-made RGB image maps (e.g. for different kinds of reindeer) for instance. But here's another way by using RGB procedurally.


Yeah, RGB masks are the way to go. I shared a detailed example of this awhile ago, but can only find my Facebook post. It has an example project as well.


Wow, Jordan, this forest image looks fantastic!


Fantastic method, so much better than mine


Quote from: Hannes on October 21, 2021, 01:59:48 PMWow, Jordan, this forest image looks fantastic!

Thank you. I wish I could remember what plants I used for the clearing. There was a plant, which when turned dead looked very much like plants we have cluttering our fields, where the flowers turn a brown colour and last until the snows crush them.

Quote from: Balletdude on October 21, 2021, 03:19:56 PMFantastic method, so much better than mine

Maybe not better. There are methods for everything. This could be over the top for some stuff. But when you want to naturally mix in different pops it definitely helps take some of the work out for masking.


Too bad you can't remember the plants, I was just going to ask about the groundcover, which I like very much.


Quote from: Dune on October 22, 2021, 02:25:01 AMToo bad you can't remember the plants, I was just going to ask about the groundcover, which I like very much.

I know it's bothering me. I did this scene real quick as an example, just made it, rendered it, deleted pops, and saved project. So no incremental saves, and project has no pops. >.<

I know it's your grass, followed by one of my tufty's, than the tall dead plants are a xfrog ground cover I am fairly positive. Just recoloured.


Oh ok, I figured out the plants.

1) @DannyG 's Fresh Patch
2) @Dune 's Grass-6
3) @AP 's Moss 1 (my summer variant) oversized.

I am not sure AP released these, so I am unable to share them.


I think he did. Good to know, thanks.