Smooth Gradient

Started by mogn, December 16, 2007, 03:09:04 am

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I have build a 6 colour smooth gradient.
The 6 colours are used as control points in an equal distributed bezier curve
with the formular:

CFinal = C1*(1-t)^5+5*C2*t*(1-t)^4+10*C3*t^2*(1-t)^3+10*C4*t^3*(1-t)^2+5*C5*t^4*(1-t)+C6*t^5
where t is the controlling variable beteen 0 and 1.

A bezier curve takes on the first colour for t= 0 and the last colour for t=1 and a strong smothing between.


Thanks for this.

I rearranged the clip file from the TGD to include the altitude processing as this would probably be a common usage, although it could obviously be used for other visualisations as well.