Snow (it's that time again)

Started by Dune, December 07, 2021, 07:35:39 AM

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Another attempt at thick snow. Hopefully in a 100 years from now, this won't be history.


Now that's what you call *thick* snow. Did a double take when I realized the scale. Cool lighting.


Yeah - too thick for me but great lighting and texture.


A little thick for me as well. The lighting is great, but somehow the scale doesn't work.


Yeah, it's way too thick, 20m or so, but more like proof of concept, using erosion plugin maps and masking a smoothed terrain by that and merged with original, then bulging (offset) by same mask, etc.
I was shocked too when I put in the trees ???


That's now how snow works! Or is it!? xD :o

This is fascinating. It kinda gives the impression the trees are tiny, like moss sized, and mountains are like wee little sand dunes, but snow comes down in volume like it does in real life.


I am hoping (again) to do something like this, where really thick snow is on tops and bulges over.


I tried to do cornices a few years back, I failed then but I may have another try.


You have to divide and shift part of the landscape, make each texture and merge them again, well, at least that's what I did. There are probably other (better) ways. New try here, again, with quite a big rise of snow. It's not easy, and if time permits, I'll do some more digging.


Thanks for the tip. I really must try this!


Great images. In a hundred years this may be the only snow left to look at. :(