Low level cloud control

Started by beaulahwiza, December 16, 2021, 10:16:30 AM

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Hi all.
I am trying to add some low level cloud to my scene. What I am after is pretty dense rolling low level cloud that interacts with the terrain.
i.e It appears to roll around the mountains. My camera is in the middle of a huge valley/gorge and I am trying to get the clouds to roll right up to and past my camera. I am trying to get that dense cloud layer that clearly is interacting with the scene around it. Trees popping through that sort of thing. I got some good
results with easy cloud at a distance but my lack of knowledge on whats actually going on is restricting control other than height/density/depth. I moved onto trying v2 and v3 after reading some posts and I have seen post where Volker Harun talks of sculpting clouds like "scooping ice cream." Sounds fun, any pointers anyone.
Thanks in advance.

Kevin Kipper


Here's the link to a tutorial on clouds following the landscape by Martin Huisman.



You do not need to use an image map, you can also just use a heightmap Colour by Height output from a Heightfield Generate, or a Convert Displacement to Scalar omitting heightmap generate altogether. That's a step you can leave out altogether and used built in functions.