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Started by Tsukiyono, January 02, 2007, 03:57:45 PM

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I was doing a quick render today to mess around and figure out what settings effect what in the cloud menus and such, seeing what they do.

While rendering I decided to change some settings as the current settings werent to my liking... thats when it happened, I noticed that the quick render window seems to be live. As in, when I change a setting, it changes in the render window as well while its rendering. Granted though, whats been rendered out is set in stone, but the things that have yet to be rendered, change. I shall post a image showing this here in a second.

Has this been posted before? I hadnt read it. Anyone else have this happen before?


Here is the render I was doing showing a clear change in atmo settings :)

I am doing another test of this, this time though I shall use final render see if it does it there as well... going to see how many times I can make this happen right now :D


that's happened to me a few times too - I'm pretty sure it's a "live" render, so if you make any changes in TG they are reflected in the render too.


lol Tsuki, its alive! run away!


AFAIK this is intended behaviour. While rendering, you may want to test the effect of various settings to see how you like them - all during one render. However my 2 cents are, that this is too dangerous and costly if you happen to accidently mess with some parameter during your final 100 hr render :-D



As Frank says, this is the way it works, changes do immediately effect the render when its running. I have to say I agree with Frank here, this isn't my favourite feature at all and I think the risk of accidentally messing things up outweighs the benefits of tweaking things in a "live" fashion.




I'd like it to be an optional thing as I've definitely found it useful. :D

- Oshyan


I've found it useful too, but I must say I was surprised to find out what was happening.  Definitely one "feature" to mind out for during main renders!



Thanks for the info Jo and Frank :).. now that I know what it is, I must say I do like it for testing, but I do wish there was a way to turn it off in the final render dialogue options :D