Top of clouds are flat?

Started by Countsponge01, January 21, 2022, 04:12:37 PM

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I noticed that if I turned the sharpness up the tops of clouds in my scene would seemingly clip out and stop rendering when i tried to "lower the centre" this only made it worse, what's causing this?


I can't see anything visually wrong with the shader settings. If you shared the TGD it may be easier to spot the issue. You can also select the shader, hit Ctrl + C and paste it into a Code Bracket Screenshot_84.jpg

I have noticed it is possible to break this shaders internal functions. If that happens (which is super rare) I just make a new one and copy over settings to the new one.

Kevin Kipper

Hi Countsponge01,

As WAS mentioned, it would be good to see your project file in order to determine the exact cause.

That said, take a look at the settings under the Cloud Profile section in the wiki docs.  It may be that you're hitting the limits of the profile that you've defined for the cloud, therefore the cloud layer appears to be clipped.

If you've assigned any functions to under the Function tab, they may also play a role.