Global Ocean and Waves Rig ( 2022 )

Started by WAS, March 17, 2022, 12:31:59 AM

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Alright. After making a ridiculous version, I remade it to be far more friendly and have come up with a wave and ocean rig.

I wasn't able to render a preview, but it's relatively the same as images I've shared already, with added features like wave curl in heavy lean areas. If someone else wants to upload a preview or share a work they use it in, that'd be great. Because I'm done with this for now. :P

  • Import Ocean Rig Plus Waves TGC
  • Connect your Compute Terrain or underlying terrain shader into Waves Terrain Input
  • Click Ocean and Wave Settings bookmark to open the settings group.
  • Edit Water Level, Wave Scale Multiplier and other settings to your liking.
  • Profit or whatever the saying is.

Features Include:
  • Wave Sinus Scale
  • Wave Sinus Frequency
  • Wave Distribution
  • Wave Wake Foam Breakup
  • Foam Warp by Wave
  • Wave Warping (More aggressive away from shore to prevent clipping issues)
  • Wave Peak Wake
  • Terrain Downstream Smoothing (For more subtle rolling waves)
  • Wave Displacement Lean (X or Z)
  • Wave Curl Displacement (curl edges down that exceed wave profile boundary)
  • Definable Boundary from Shore
  • Adjustable Water Level
  • Shore level offset (for possible clipping issues)
  • Adjustable Wave and Peak Masks
  • Easy plugin inputs for custom Foam Shader, Foam Texture or Wave Distribution
  • Debug
    • Solid Water Surface
    • Disable wave displacement

  • Quality settings should probably be high to avoid artefacts. Especially if you have lean amplitude applied, and curl amplitude applied (not 0).
  • Leaning may cause random tears in water displacement. Not sure what to do about that.
  • Steep terrain will create sinus waves that are closer together than more subtle slopes. This can be adjusted with the wave scale.


Cool! Let's have a look. Thanks very much Jordan!

I was just thinking this morning about the little smooth step I yesterday altered the extra value in (both); that gives a hard edge slightly up the coast, but if you want that just a wee bit soft (like foam spilling over sandy beach), you'd have to make a minute difference, add 0.01-0.005 or so to the upper step.


Holy cow, you really dug into that!! I'll test that asap! Thanks a lot, Jordan!


Starting to think the water transition from smooth to rough needs it's own boundary controller, so you can push rough water further out than the wave areas for a nice transition.


This V2 has custom boundary for rough ocean displacement.


Okay folks, I'm going to show my 'beginner' person.

Step 1 Import the .tgc file. How do I import it?



Right-click in the Network view and choose "Insert clip file". That`s it.
But if you opened the scene file "Ocean Demonstration by Jordan Thompson.tgd" that *.tgc (terragen clip file) is already in there and connected.
Anyway, if you insert the clip into an empty scene just connect the "Compute Terrain" to it (like in the description).

CHeers, Klaus
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Thanks, Klaus. I'll give that a go.