The last path animated

Started by Hannes, July 08, 2022, 11:08:17 AM

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Here is an animated version of my image "The last path" (daylight version):,30142.0.html

I rendered it at 800 X 450px and ran it through Topaz Video AI to make it Full HD. Unfortunately I had to compress it to make the file smaller than the allowed 5000 KB. So the quality is a lot worse than the original.
The horse model is the best animated (free) one I could find. Far away from perfect...
I created an object sequence. May have been worked with a MDD file, but I need to test this feature again. I remember there were some issues in the past.




Love all the branches. This scene would make an eerie video from the roads POV, looking up at the trees with rays of moonlight coming down through subtly moving brancehs, and then the carriage rumbling over.


It's awesome! Just returned from Greece, and already at full steam in TG again! Actually the compression's blurryness makes it even more ominous.


Cool idea, Jordan!
Ulco, this scene was already more or less done before I went to Greece. There were only some minor changes to do, and the rendering.