Moon Texture and Shine.

Started by bernardo, August 14, 2022, 05:59:21 PM

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Hello everybody. I joined the forum today and am a beginner. I use Terragen 4 and have followed many tutorials before coming here. Let's get to the point. I downloaded the moon texture file from Google and fixed it in spherical mode around the planet Moon. After that I moved the sun to be on the opposite side of the globe to reproduce a full moon. The result is image_01.tif instead I would like to arrive at the solution of image_02.png. Since I am a novice, I have tried many times but my moon has a grainy texture. How can I fix it? Thanks in advance. I attach the file with the TGD and the texture of the Moon.


Hi Bernardo, welcome to the forum!

It's caused by the atmosphere attached to the moon. You can enable or disable the moon's atmosphere with the "Render atmosphere" checkbox on the Planet Moon node, or disable the atmosphere node itself (it's in the internal network of the moon node).

If you are working on a scene where you want the atmosphere on the moon, the black dots can be solved by moving the moon a bit closer to the origin. At the current position the distance is just slightly beyond what Terragen can render reliably.
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If you're looking for a moon tetxture try this one from NASA

It's huge -  (27360 x 13680) and also has a good displacement map so you can get in fairly close if you want (we used it on a feature a couple of years ago)