Moving From Position 0,0,0.

Started by efflux, January 03, 2007, 07:26:36 am

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There are a few problems associated with moving around the planet. I am wondering if these will be improved in future TG versions or the final release.

The main problem is that with heightfields and populations. We can't rotate them to be smooth with the planet surface when we travel away from position 0,0,0. Imported .tgo objects are rotatable and I presume any other imported mesh but I haven't tried that. With populations this is an annoying problem because many of us will move around the planet and wish to use populations. The picture below actually shows a heightfield indented into the planet because I tilted the planet but there is no way to fix this whether moving planet or moving around the planet.

The other problem, shown in the bottom picture here, is that the suns disk does not follow the light source when we move from 0,0,0. Again, in this example I was actually moving the planet as well as moving around the planet but it's the same if you simply move around the planet. This is potentially the worst problem of all because it effects many render possibilities.


These issues will definitely be addressed for the final release of TG2.

- Oshyan