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Started by rolland1013, November 16, 2022, 12:20:01 PM

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Using Terragen v. 4.4.67, I'm getting occasional render errors when I render a scene on our render farm. The scene has several populations of SpeedTree assets. The scene will eventually render, but not after several or more frames error-out and are relaunched. I've attached an error log from one of my render nodes. I'm not sure what to look for, but I see several warnings about not finding .mtl files for the SpeedTree assets. I don't understand why this is only an occasional issue. Most of the frames render with no issues.


Kevin Kipper

Hi rolland1013,

Can you tell from the Deadline monitor if this error occurs on a specific render node, or if it occurs across the entire render farm?


It looks like it happens on any render node. It also doesn't appear the age of the nodes makes any difference. I noted this issue on older and newer nodes.

Kevin Kipper

I don't think warning messages resulting from not being able to located a texture file referenced in the MTL file would cause a frame to crash or stop rendering; although it would probably look incorrect.  In the "Details" and "Worker Information" section of the render logs it appears that the memory usage is near 100%.  Can you tell if the frames render fine on machines with more memory?  

Is there any chance you could try rendering on a later release of Terragen, for example 4.5.71 or 4.6.31?