Terragen 4.6.31 - a lot of crashes, very unstable

Started by Nala1977, January 22, 2023, 07:44:05 AM

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Hey guys, im having a lot of crashes to the desktop since i upgraded to the latest version.
My system hasnt changed, i have a 5970x amd cpu, 2x nvidia 1080 and 64gb ram, running latest version of windows 11

I never had this many crashes with previous versions of terragen
It crashes mostly when the preview render is active even with basic shapes and standard stuff, just clicking "camera" on the top shelf to access camera parameters and modify them starts a new preview iteration and most of the times it crashes.

To avoid crashing i have to manually disable the interactive preview by pressing "pause" which is extremely annoying because everytime i make a change i have to click click click.
it crashes when changing colors or anything really.

not 100% of the times but i'd say its pretty consistent and frequent.

Is there any way we can see what is causing it? do i have to send some logs? i dont have a scene because honestly it can crash even on the default one by just switching stuff around and changing parameters.

Terragen version is the latest, 4.6.31

thank you


i keep having these crashes, its so annoying..anyone else having this issues?
even on simpliest scenes disconnecting a node.. i have no clue what is going on, i updated every driver but its 100% the progressive render window, if i pause the render it doesnt crash.


I don't have as many as it sounds you have. Only occasionally, also with preview running (not RTP) and mostly when deleting/disconnecting a node. Maybe win 11 has new 'software parts' that don't work well with TG (yet)? I work in win 10.


It runs stable on my system. I have Windows 10 as well. Maybe Ulco is right. Hard to tell. 


does Terragen send Planetside crash data from our computers?
i thought i read that

i have problems with some files crashing, some not
i am new at this so i dont complain right away
it could be me