"Forester" - Terragen Compatible Software from 2000?

Started by JoshuaM, November 28, 2023, 12:26:13 AM

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This is a longshot but does anyone have a version of "Forester" from 20 or so years ago? Or do any Terragen OGs remember using it? The download link seems to be non-functional on the website.

It is this very cool looking software that seems to work with Terragen 1 and POV Ray. I am planning on using the software for an art project of mine. I love the look of the old school website, I recommend checking it out.

Thank you!



yeah, the links are mixed up. Just copy the link and delete the planetside forum part of it. The Forester website is still online.
But I doubt, that you can still get Arboretum. The only way imo would be to try to contact the developer directly. Who knows...

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Even with the wayback machine,
 you can't download the software anyhow from any timestamp.

It's lost in space...