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Started by pclavett, March 24, 2024, 07:27:18 AM

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Hi all ! I changed the camera to get a closer look at the chalet from the previous post with everything else kept the same. This was an exercise in precision placing of plants for the rocky base, the wall, the flowerbed on the wall as well as border trees. One spruce was a bit too close to the camera on the left but saw it only well into the render. The fireweed was made from scratch in XFrogs years ago and turned out fairly well for this image. The render was done with the standard renderer and eager to see if the RT gives better vegetation. The chalet was purchased in CG Trader if I remember correctly. I made the windows are a bit too transparent and in some areas show an empty house with wooden wall..... will tone that down and put more reflections..... or maybe buy furniture ! Take care and have a great weekend !


Nice POV. If I may make some suggestions; if you have a property like that with a view like that, the gardener must be a bit loony to place a row of trees to obscure that view ???  I'd rather put some small shrub and perhaps one or two 'thin-leaved' trees in the corners, like birches or so.
About the chalet, it's very dark and not too welcoming; I'd lighten up the wood and roof, give the roof (shingles?) a 0.3 of reflection, in fact perhaps the wood too, so it reflects a bit more light in dark areas.
If you do this in PT, don't forget to change the specular roughness in the glass shader. The default 0.01 will blur the reflections a bit (unless you want it to). But what do you mean by 'a bit transparent'?


You are right Ulco, those trees are in the way of the view...... was too eager to try these beautiful trees from 3D-Shaker ! Another render on  the way with the Path Tracer. Will try to lighten the cottage somewhat, although this kind of dark brown is very popular these days in Canada. I did lighten the the load of plants on the ground as they were suffocating each other. Also put in some randomness in the flower bed as it looked too even. The rocks were also changed on the base of the chalet as one of the rocks has a distinct area that appeared repetitive. Will post when ready and work some more on the project with those trees changed for something less obstructive. Thanks for the suggestions !


Oh... an update... looks good, but the house is too dark (texture illumination set to 1.0, like at the plant tut?)
And Ulco is so right, more bushes would be  great!